About us

We’re a mens shirts manufacturer company located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Since 1980’s we’re in the sector. We have wide-range of experience.
We provide full-range service for our customers.
We have sourcing, sampling, collection designing, manufacturing services.
We’re able to provide goods OEM, ODM, Private Label and with one of our registered trademarks if requested.
During the years, we worked for manufacturing men’s shirts with our clients from countries as, Italy, USA, Argentina, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, Greece, Azerbaijan, Singapore and couple more…
Still, we’re manufacturing for our clients from some of these countries.


Our price range depends on selected fabrics, fabric construction, design, materials etc. Do not hesitate to request cost information from us.

If you would like to get an assistance please, contact with us.

Our MOQ is 500 pieces / model
You can create up to 6-7 color/texture variations within this MOQ.
Approx. each variation will be 60-70 pieces/color.
If you have a collection and/or sample request, we’re able to proceed this work for you.
Our rate for sampling.
3x our price offer/shirt(piece)
Our rate for collection (more than 10 shirts)
2x our price offer/shirt(piece)

Yes. Of course, you can visit and see our Factory. We’ll be happy to host you and meet with you. It’s always easier to start business after a physical-meeting.



Thanks to our labor who creates the magic.


Years of Experience

Speciliazed on men's shirts manufacturing


Pieces Everyday

pieces of shirt manufacturing


Countries export

from all around the world.



Longtime Experience

As Turkey, we’re wearing
the world since 1970’s.
We’re in the business for
Men’s Shirts Manufacturing
since 1980’s.

Supply flexibility and diversity

During the years, our country is
one of the best to supply base,
side materials and applications.

An Incubation Company for Startups

We put our hand down for many
of brands in creation process.
So, we still like to be one part
of this journeys.

Financial Support

We provide financial flexibility options
to our long-term clients. We provide
different types of flex payment terms
for our new customers.

Suitable Costs, Most possible Qualities

We always source better & more
cost-effective materials to make
our clients business more profitable.